Automate your cold emails & follow-ups

How to make good initial email


Don’t start your emails introducing yourself, your company or your brilliant idea. Try to connect with them somehow. Here are few ideas.

Find an issue in their company

Mention about their company, try to find an issue in their company that your service/product may solve. Do your work, find a real issue they have. Ask specific questions about that issue. For example if you are selling livechat software good start of an email would be “Hi, I found that {{ Company name }} is struggling with retention of your clients. I found that your site does not offer a way to live communicate with a customer.”.

You can consider even not advertising your product yet. Maybe ask them specific question about the issue, make them tell you about that issue, start conversation.

Reference to your prospects work

Do your research, mention that you had read their article or you like their product, even a tweet. Be explicit, link to that article, make them be flattered. Here is an example: “I read your article about cold mailing, great job. I like that you mention that it could work or not depends of the content and value of product itself.” Would you read more? I would. Important thing is mentioning what you like about that article, it means you actually read it. If you want to automate it, just paste a sentence to your spreadsheet. Just remember to be consistent in whole email even if your product is not 100% related to that article.

Okay now when we got connected with a prospect let’s make a punch. Make them desire your product! I think that’s the most difficult part because you have to keep it balanced between concrete and blurry. What do I mean? To concrete – you are the sale guy, to blurry – they don’t get your vision.

Solve their needs

Your message surely has some value to you, but you have to tell your prospects why it have value for them. Don’t talk how awesome you are, it just don’t work. Don’t include a long list of features or issues you might solve, it sounds too salesy. If they want to know more, they will go to your website. You should point specific problems they might solve with your help.

Be specific and tell them why you reached out exactly to them, not the others. You spend your time getting know prospects, now it’s time to use it. Try to make clear message, how can you solve their problems. Try not to introduce your solution but their solution. Don’t try to sell right away, instead get connected with them.

Call to action

CTA is the a key to make campaigns with good reply rate. It should be question or a sentence that will convince addressee to reply, click on link, make skype call or whatever you want them to do. Be consistent, every part of an email should build your purpose step by step. Write one or two but concrete sentence.

You should make clear what is the next step, good idea is to make question here. “Would you be available for a phone call next week?”. That is short yet powerful call to action. You could be more specific about time, “Would you be available for 10-minute skype call tomorrow morning?”. But don’t ask for too much (like 30-minute call, or meeting right away), this may scare them away. Actually a phone call might be too much. Maybe try asking about their opinion about a thing, try to verify if they need help with an issue. Start conversation is better then trying to sell right away.


  1. Get to know your prospects. They should be aware that you know them before introducing your product or service. Don’t introduce yourself or your product at the beginning of your cold email.
  2. Be consistent throughout your email. Make a clear message and let them get involved.
  3. Solve their needs, find an issue in their company and let them know, that you may help.
  4. End your email with call to action, clarify your purpose, but don’t make it to sound too salesy.
  5. Read it out loud and ask yourself honestly. If I would be in their shoes, would I be interested in this. If the answer is no, rewrite it!