Automate your cold emails & follow-ups

How to make good prospects database

Remember – cold mailing is not about spamming people, it’s about sending valuable content to people that could use your product or service. Try to select your prospects carefully. It’s better to have smaller database with good and well personalized prospects than thousands of random emails.

How to get my first prospects?

Do it yourself. Try to imagine who needs your service/product. It’s what we call Ideal Customer Profile. You can search them in Google, LinkedIn, Facebook groups, Quora. Also try to engage in the community, it has many benefits. You will learn they needs and problems, also you become more familiar to them.

Make smaller groups

Divide your prospects database to a smaller groups and personalize your campaigns. If you have large database it’s very likely that you have different groups of people. CEO should get different content than Sales managers etc. By making more groups you can create tailor-made campaigns and you have more detailed statistics.

Enrich your prospects

If your database is full of emails like consider enriching your database with services like You’ll get much more value emails – persons at different positions. Also you’ll get much more personalized data. For instance you might target just C-level people (CEO, CTO etc.). It’s not free service but trust me, worth its price.

It’s very important to have strong prospect database in order to success in cold mailing so do it well!