Automate your cold emails & follow-ups

Should I use signature? What should I put in here?

Prospects of your cold email campaigns will most likely ask themselves: are you trustworthy person? Your signature may verify it in a simple way.

Okay, signature is good idea, but should I use social links? Detailed information about my company? A photo? There are no simple answer – it depends. It should looks great and professional, it shouldn’t be too big and it should be useful.

Make your signature looks great

If you don’t know how to do it – reach out for a tool. Just google “html signature” or “email signature”. You could use our simple tool for email signature – it’s free. Photo will make your signature look awesome, consider it. Just bare in mind that some email clients may block images by default.

Make it useful

That’s very important part. In previous articles I mention at least couple of times that you need to focus on your prospects. Now it’s time to introduce yourself. Include all contact info you need, tell them who you are, what is your company and what is your job title. You can link your Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. If you ask them about skype call, put your login here.

Signature is very good way to make you trustworthy image. What you should put inside? It depends, read your emails and ask yourself how would you want to contact or how would you verify yourself.