Automate your cold emails & follow-ups

Subject of your initial email and follow-ups

This is crucial part of your email, your prospects will very often open or delete your message based on your subject line so craft it carefully.

How to write subject?

The perfect subject rules that fits all prospects does not exist. It depends of your target. Imagine you are your potential client and try to answer those questions:

Think it through. Imagine different scenarios and try to figure out what they would like to read. Here are few tips:

Personalize it

If you have database with name of your prospects, company names (you should have) try to use them in subject. You can use more specific data like name of their product, title of their article. It will generate high open rates because they feel relevant.

If your prospects are yoga teacher try “I’m looking for a yoga teacher”. They would be more than happy to see that kind of message in their inbox.

Subjects like “Special offer for you” or “50% off just for you” simply does not work. It looks like spam and does not connect you with your prospects at all.

 Keep it short

You have very few seconds of your prospects time so use it wisely. Your message should be clear and simple. Don’t start with worlds like “promotion” or “special offer”. Make it simple, short and relevant.

Follow-ups subjects

Best results is when every message is in the same thread so use simply Re: previous subject. It will guarantee that your emails will be treated as a reply to your last message.

Track your open rate

That’s the stat you want to focus when measuring the subject quality. If someone opens your email that means that your subject have interested them to actually open an email.