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What should be in the “From” line of your my cold email

When you check your mailbox most of the time you can see four things in every email: authors name, subject, date and first line of content. All four matters! I saw many articles how to write successful subject or content of an email, pretty much everyone know that time of delivery matters a lot, but what about your name, it’s right next to the subject!

Imagine you are your potential client. You get an e-mail from great company offering game-changing product or service from… Does it looks for you seriously? Would you reply to mark1986? I bet you would delete this message in a blink of an eye. Let’s talk.

Personal email

If your email is like or even better you are in better spot. It looks much more trustworthy – you share your last name, company name. If your email does not contain SPAM like content I would personally give it at least few seconds – that’s all we ask for in this stage. Content should tempt your prospect to check more than that.

Company email

Second approach to introduce yourself is with your company name only like It does look professional and safe but does it? I would prefer to address someone I talk with with his name so I would not recommend this one.

Personal first name (and last name?) and the company name

Let’s move on to not use an actual email address in the “From” line.

If you know someone it’s perfectly fine to use Mark Smith. It’s also great idea if you want them feel like you are private person that wants to ask them something. Highly recommended in some scenarios.

What you feel when you see an email from Mark Smith from Great Company? It is by far less personal but it gives you more information about person. However it works really well if you target b2b, marketing managers or other people who are expecting emails from business people.

So witch one is the best?

There is no simple answer to this question. As always it depends of your prospects. If you target business people I would recommend name + company name, otherwise try simply first + last name.

Try different approaches and look what works best for you!

PS. In FollowUp Inc. you can change your name in settings section.